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Exact Globe

ERP software for modern manufacturing companies

Developed specifically for companies like yours, Exact Globe reflects the way in which ERP has evolved. Once used to simply coordinate administrative processes, ERP now integrates company-wide, back-end processes such as bookkeeping, ordering, planning, and human resources. It also encompasses functions including manufacturing and distribution. As such, Exact Globe allows you to bring your operation together, replacing islands of information and uniting them into a single, organization-wide system. It also does this function with the modular flexibility that adapts to your requirements and grows with you. Working with Exact Globe, you’ll be in a position to improve your existing processes. Your company will operate as one, instead of a set of diverse entities. You’ll take control through decisions based on a real-time view of all information. Above all, you’ll be free to focus on running your business.

Every company is under constant pressure from rapidly changing customer demands and high pressure on margins. An advanced logistics system delivering the right product to the right place at the right time and at the right price helps a company stay ahead of the curve. Exact Globe enables this with logistical capability and is designed to transform your operational capability. All information is managed centrally so that your purchasers, sales staff and warehouse employees work with the same data. All orders, receipts and deliveries are entered and available in real-time. You will be able to access, at any time, precise business information regarding every aspect of your warehousing and ordering requirements. Work with Exact Globe in this crucial business area and you will reduce waste, eliminate confusion, and work more closely with supply chain partners. Above all, you will be in a much better position to meet your delivery promises.

Business Benefits:

  • Real-time Inventory Management provides accurate views into material requirements and inventory related cash requirements.
  • Define and execute a production schedule based on customer demand and vendor replenishments in a time phased manner.
  • Reduce your item number assignments with multiple revisions of a BOM, based on a warehouse basis.
  • Gain invaluable inventory insight with real time net-change based Material Requirements Planning

Control over your inventory thanks to wholesale distribution software

Exact Globe integrates your entire financial and administrative infrastructure. All transactions – financial, logistics, HRM, sales management, projects and production – are contained in a single, central data source. Your company will unite around a common system, and a common purpose, like never before.

Exact Globe incorporates a suite of analytical tools, ranging from easy-to-use pivot analyses to out-of-the- box Excel integration. These tools enable the approach of financial and logistic information from various angles, giving you instant and accurate reporting that puts you in control. Employees and managers with appropriate rights will have up-to-the-minute insight into the company’s monthly turnover, cash flows, and accounts receivable outstanding. You decide which indicators to monitor, then access the status of those indicators in real-time. Initial versions of reports can be compiled and updated later.

The ultimate all-in-one software for consultancy firms and service providers

Working in the professional services industry, you realize the critical role It enables you to spend as much time as possible on your core tasks- on the things your customers value. You want to be billable. Time spent on additional activities such as administration is wasted time. By digitizing these activities with Exact, you can save valuable time which you can spend on your customers instead.

Easy time registration
Exact makes planning and incredibly easy. Thanks to the transparent planning board you can create an efficient planning overview which is integrated with time tracking. Easily assign projects to employees based on skills, function or department and optimize staff levels thanks to insight into available capacity.

Invoice correctly on time
Exact allows you to easily convert your hours into correct invoices. You will no longer make any mistakes and you will never forget to invoice. You will reduce the risk of payment arrears by always having insight into the outstanding items and sending payment reminders will be easy.

More billable hours
Prevent money leaks as the number of complex projects and employees increases. Exact gives you a grip on costs and margins through better project monitoring and allows clever capacity utilization.

Fixed income rather than monthly targets
Strengthen customer relationships and benefit from predictable turnover. Exact enables you to manage your monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions and gain instant insight into recurring revenue and expected growth.

Manageable growth
When your growth and complexity increases, you want to stay in control. Exact will continue to support you. Projects, employees and relations are centrally managed. The inter-company functionality allows you to easily settle transactions between various branches. The figures are easily consolidated, without spreadsheets and long, time-consuming closing cycles.